Interviewed By Jibril Osman


Releasing their first projects in 2016 with, “Are You Afraid Of The Danger Boys,” and “World Wide Web,” it’s been a steady rise up for Atlanta’s very own, “Danger Incorporated,” consisting of Louie Dufflebag and Boothlord. And last year, they released their project, “Birds Fly By Night,” and were announced as new signee’s with Atlanta’s Awful Records and now in 2018, it comes as no surprise that they are currently a supporting act on the “Father Private Show Tour.” Now after their show in Toronto, I got to sit down with the Danger Boys and chat with them about how they linked up together, their music career up till this point, their Yung Lean influence, being on tour and how they connected with the Awful family.


So first, how did you guys meet and what was it like growing up in Atlanta?

Boothlord: Man, we met in the school days, like we went to the same elementary school, middle school, high school, same hometown. It’s like 30 minutes south of Atlanta. Cow fields behind our houses.


Were you guys friends instantly?

Boothlord: The first time we kicked it, we were making tracks together. And that hasn’t changed in the 10 years since.

Louie Dufflebag: I mean, I feel like we were friends instantly.

Boothlord: Literally, instantly the vibes were aligned. For certain.


And in the early songs, was the chemistry good between you guys or did you guys grow into it, so how was the early stages?

Louie Dufflebag: I feel like the early stages, I mean the chemistry has always been the same, it’s always been the same, that hasn’t changed.

Boothlord: The tracks were more, rare.

Louie Dufflebag: The early stages, arguably not even more, rare.

Boothlord: Bruh, arguably more, rare.

Louie Dufflebag: I feel like they were more jokes involved.

Boothlord: That’s true. Even more so.

Louie Dufflebag: And now it’s more serious, I suppose.


And one of the cool things I know about you guys is your Yung Lean influence, like I’m a massive Yung Lean fan, I just saw his “Stranger” tour when he was here, talk about that influence because not a lot of people credit him as an influence, so touch on that?

Boothlord: Yeah bruh, he’s a champion.

Louie Dufflebag: Like at the time when “Unknown Death 2002” came out, Lean was one of the most digital performers.

Boothlord: Yeah bruh, the early Yung Lean tracks were anthemic.


And who were the other influences that you can list that have been big on you guys?

Boothlord: James Blake, Dean Blunt, Jai Paul.

Louie Dufflebag: Dive

Boothlord: Dive has a huge influence on the boys.


Now in 2016, you guys released two projects, “Are You Afraid Of The Danger Boys,” and “World Wide Web,” what was it like releasing records, putting yourselves out there and making music videos?

Boothlord: Bruh, we’ve been making tracks since we met, it was way more, rare.

Louie Dufflebag: We didn’t put too much thought into it, but at the same time, it wasn’t for any reason.

Boothlord: We’ve been making tracks forever for nobody, so the music has always just been for us.


And the name, Danger Incorporated, where does the name originate from?

Boothlord: Bruh, the rarest episode of Goosebumps.


Which one?

Louie Dufflebag: The house of no return.

Boothlord: The house of no return! You see people die, get their souls taken in this episode, and literally a game, Danger Incorporated.

YTV Days?

Boothlord: YTV days.

Louie Dufflebag: Wait, what’s YTV?


So, in Canada, YTV is the channel that Goosebumps played on.

Louie Dufflebag: Oh, I think in Atlanta, it was on the game channel, the video game channel.


Yeah, that’s dope, because Goosebumps is like our generational show, did you guys watch “Are You Afraid Of The Dark,” too?

Boothlord: Yeah, we have.

Louie Dufflebag: “Are You Afraid Of The Dark,” definitely inspired the first tape with Goosebumps mixed in with the “Are you afraid of.”


Yeah when I saw the tour bill, I was like, you guys are finally coming to Toronto.

Louie Dufflebag: Yeah man, I appreciate you writing stuff about us and putting it out there.


Yeah man, I was telling everybody to listen to you guys.
Louie Dufflebag: Bless man, but yeah, we just released this new project, “Danger Reality,” and so many sounds are coming out in 2019, all our mental energy has been put on all of this now.


And I wanted to point out, like two weeks ago, it was the 1-year anniversary of your project, “Birds Fly By Night,” what’s something you guy are proud of from the release, 1 year later?

Louie Dufflebag: Damn, it’s hard to pick out one thing. That was a fun one though.

Boothlord: Bruh, that was like the rarest piece, creating that project, being up on the that beach. Like being up in Hamptons, it was cold as hell.

Louie Dufflebag: Yeah, our friend was in in East Hampton because he has a house, so we got to go up there and wake up, look at the beach, record the music, it was like a vacation.

Boothlord: It was the purest vibes.

And It’s already been a year since the release, it’s crazy how that works.

Louie Dufflebag: It’s been a year, but it feels longer to me, sitting here now. Like even the songs that came out on, “Danger Reality,” there a year old.


Has it felt like a long journey to get where you are now?

Louie Dufflebag: It’s been a long journey, but there’s still a lot to do. And a lot of stuff that’s created, that’s not even out yet. We’re still young, so we got a lot of time ahead of us.


Yeah, because one day you guys have to one day be the headliners.

Louie Dufflebag: It’s coming man, I’m very excited, it does feel like a long time thought


Now being on tour, how was the shows been, being on road?

Louie Dufflebag: It’s been crazy, mind-blowing. Because before the U.S shows, we did 4 U.K shows and didn’t expect anyone to pull up, like every night we’d get there early and there would be no one there and we’d hope people would come and then we’d come back and the venue’s filled up, people know the words, it’s been blowing my mind for sure.


And finally, how did you guys connect with the “Awful Records” family?

Boothlord: Bruh, we was on our own shit, doing fire shit and we had one show together and it was the rarest show of all time.

Louie Dufflebag: Yeah, we did one show in Atlanta with them.

Boothlord: And too many people showed up, we had to go to the roof of this venue.

Louie Dufflebag: Yeah, it was like a roof top show. This was the event that brought us together with them, it was lit.