Words by Jibril Osman

Tee Grizzley has released his debut album, “Activated” today. The Detroit rapper came to the mainstream when he released his debut single, “First Day Out” in 2016 when he got out of jail. The single and video gained millions of plays and jumpstarted Grizzley’s career. The single was then followed up with Grizzley releasing two projects in 2017 called “My Moment” and the collaborative mixtape  “Bloodas” featuring Chicago’s Lil Durk.

Now when it comes to his debut album, Grizzley said, “My whole life I saw everybody else get shine. I saw everybody else get money, everybody else wanted to rap. I saw them getting record deals and stuff like that. Every time I saw that it was, ‘Damn, I can’t wait until my time. My time is coming’ I was so patient and I finally got my time. I finally got my money, I finally got my fans and plaques, and my moment. When I got my moment, that’s when I Activated.”

Features on the album come from Lil Yachty, Lil Pump, Chris Brown, MoneyBagg Yo, Jeezy, Lil Durk and YFN Lucci. Before the album’s release, it was supported by the two singles, “Colors” and “Don’t Even Trip.” And when it comes to the production on the album, it’s mostly handled by Chopsquad DJ, with additional production coming from Hellanuva, London On The Track, Amadeus and The Breed and The Olympics.

Tee Grizzley “Activated” Tracklist

  1. Activated
  2. 2 Vaults (Feat. Lil Yachty)
  3. Jettski Grizzley (Feat. Lil Pump)
  4. Set The Record Straight (Feat. Chris Brown)
  5. Connect
  6. Don’t Even Trip (Feat. Moneybagg Yo)
  7. Fuck It Off (Feat. Chris Brown)
  8. Colors
  9. Bag
  10. Time (Feat. Jeezy)
  11. Too Lit
  12. Light (Feat. Lil Yachty)
  13. Low
  14. Robbin
  15. Bloodas 2 Interlude (Feat. Lil Durk)
  16. Keys To The Street
  17. I Remember (Feat. YFN Lucci)
  18. On My Own

Stream “Activated” now.