Ferg blesses his fans with a new random drop in collaboration with Hennesy.  The bio for his song “Family” states:

Hennessy, the world’s best-selling Cognac, recognizes those who “Never stop. Never settle.” in the pursuit of perfection. To celebrate this notion, Hennessy aligned with A$AP Ferg to release “Family,” a track that embraces family traditions, a value the Cognac producer has prioritized since its inception more than 250 years ago. The single’s cover artwork, painted by Ferg, is a reimagined version of his latest album cover, Still Striving, and spotlights the rapper tying his doo-rag to take on the world, inspiring others to push the limits of potential and “Never stop. Never settle.” For more information about the collaboration, please visit Youtube.com/HennessyUS and www.hennessy.com/us/life/.

You can listen to the song here: