We caught up with the Louisville Slugger before his sold-out Toronto show to discuss T R A P S O U L and its success, video games and what it’s like being Bryson.

You’re huge right now..and it did happen very quickly. Does it feel surreal?

Yeah Definitely,

What was the biggest challenge you faced going through these changes?

Dealing with family members and people who don’t even know me saying “I changed” – I don’t really know what to tell them, that’s confusing.

Maybe they didn’t expect it.

Wait, let me re-answer that question. That’s not the biggest challenge, I’m trippin. The biggest challenge is being away from my daughter all the time. That’s the biggest challenge forreal.

Did you always want to do music?

Um, Like writing songs?


I mean yeah, I never wanted to be an artist.

You just wanted to song write and be lowkey? You seem to be like the lowkey type of guy.

Yeah, I’d rather be behind the scenes and behind the curtains.


What did you listen to growing up?

Anything my Grandma was playing. Then the 90’s era was introduced to me by my Uncle, he used to play Boys 2 Men, 112, uh Jodeyce, Drew Hill, all that crazy stuff. But me personally, when I went to my iPad and when I got on the internet to listen to music, I listen to Chris Brown and Omarion.

You’re ‘93 right?

Yeah, You too!?

Yeah, and that’s the shit we was growing up to, like

Chris Brown’s “Shorty Like Mine”

 Yes, with those videos too haha.

How was working with Timbaland?

It was dope, it was real dope.

On T R A P S O U L you have a mix of various emotions as the album progresses. What would you say is the inspiration behind that album?

Hmmm, inspiration behind TRAPSOUL. A lot various stuff you know, every song is something different

 I know, trust me.

Over the whole year, after “Don’t” I went through a lot of things and it was just things I could write about.

Cause I feel like it goes, ‘Let me tell you about how I feel, then I’ll trap on you real quick – then go back into your feels’

Yeah, exactly. Hahaha, that’s crazy.

Do you have a favorite trap artist

Hmmm…that’s hard… nah, I can’t. I don’t even wanna single anyone out.

And soul artist?

Soul Artist? Yeah I’ma say Michael Jackson when he was doing Neo-Soul.

How was performing for the first time when you opened for Travi$ Scott?

What! We talkin’ bout that all the time. I remember being super nervous and being on edge all day, any little thing seemed wrong “what’s wrong with that, why is it doing that, what’s going on?” And then I finally went out there and I remember we were in a huddle, just going left to right, hyping me up like ‘you got this.’

Yeah Travis Shows are insane, the crowd is insane.

Yeah man, they showed a lot of love – that’s why when my manager said we should do like 4 more shows, I didn’t hesitate. The crowd’s just hype.

Which artist and/or producer would you like to work with that you haven’t had the chance to work with yet?

Um, an artist, The Dream.

As for Producer, I don’t know, I’m really willing to work with any producer as long as they got dope stuff.

Favourite gaming console?


Street Fighter or Mortal Kombat?

Damn that’s hard. Haha. I Appreciate that. If you were to say like Capcom vs. Marvel vs. whatever, and then street fighter, then I’d say Capcom vs. Marvel. I’m really not big on fighting games forreal but I’ll say Street Fighter over Mortal Kombat. But the Mortal Kombat movie was Fire. Remember?

Yeah, that movie was ILL, no doubt.

We seen that Sylvester Stallone tweeted “Rambo” out a while back. How’d you react when you saw that?

Ahaha, I was in my hotel and I just jumped up and down on my bed. Like I was too hype.

What do you got planned in 2016, other than this Tour?

Europe Tour right after this. I’m excited for that. A couple of my friends told me whenever they go out there they hear the clubs playing my music and all the foreign voices singing my lyrics, it’s pretty cool. But later, after that tour, I’m going to work on another project and then going on tour again, probably, with somebody. That’s it.