Metro Boomin hit Toronto recently on Chance The Rapper’sFamily Matters Tour”. Rap Season caught up with him backstage after an electric set that had a sold-out crowd singing every track back to him.


This is your first visit to Toronto since “What A Time To Be Alive” dropped. What does it mean for you to play for a live audience of this size in Drake’s hometown?

Oh man its great, I’ve been here a bunch of times but this time it just felt like the timing couldn’t have been any better. It definitely felt great to hear the reactions and love for the records. That’s what its about for me. That’s what I do this for.

Is touring a big thing for you?

Yeah, it’s been like a hobby. First tour we did was the Rodeo Tour with Travis Scott – couldn’t have had a better first tour, and now this one with Chance. I just want to keep building my legacy.

So what does Touring do for you? Does it get you out of the studio? Get you in touch with people?

I love being in the studio most, but at the end of the day, being in touch with people, seeing and feeling the reactions and the love for the records is priceless. That’s worth everything itself.

What’s it been like since you dropped “19 and Boomin”?

“19 and Boomin” was a great starting point. I feel like how I established it was one of the most crucial things I could have done with my career because it was the start of me building a fanbase for myself, and a cult. Like ok, here is some music, I did all this. This is all new, all exclusive. I just keep building my brand from there and that was the beginning, it was definitely crucial.

You’re one of the few producers who has your own fan-base. Its not just for a beat or because you work with a certain artist – people know you for you. You may be Futures go-to-guy, you exec-produced “What A Time To Be Alive” but you have a face, you have a personality and it seems you don’t even have “a” sound, you have “sounds”.

I love that you said that because everything you said is what I strive for. That’s how I want everyone to see it. Some people say “I like your sound”. but that’s not the mission, I want you to not even know I did that, or how did he do that if he did that because its not traditional. That’s more of where I’m into it.

Do you still play guitar?

Nah, I only did that for a year in the seventh grade, but I took some piano lessons in high school, that helped me out. I’m not too fluent, but it helped me and gives me an understanding, I feel like my ears are my strongest point.

Did you anticipate the reaction for WATTBA? Did you think it was going to be as crazy as it was?

I knew it was gonna be great. Everybody just really loved it, had a great reception. People listen to it everywhere I go.

You can never plan something to go as well as that did. Having Drake and Future together and on their game is one thing but beyond that it seemed liked all the stars aligned for that project and it struck a chord with everyone and at the perfect time.

Yeah, that’s what we were talking about. If anything, it was the most organic. We did it in six days, we came out with an organic project. Of course if we spent a month, or six months, we could have done a whole lot, you know? But, six days is real organic. What a time, that’s the time period. We’re here right now, we’re vibing. We’re all good; we’re just making music. Ok, this is what we got? Lets get this out organically.

There wasn’t any real set-up but there were lots of rumors and anticipation…

Yeah i know everyone was telling me to wake up to see what was going on.